Women and Dialogue

Tell us how you can use technology creatively to give voice to the views of women about what it takes to build a peaceful and inclusive society.


When it comes to settling a conflict, women often see things differently to men. Women can offer alternative ways to approach how people chose to live together. And yet most political discussions to settle disagreements between groups, do not include women.


Women can make important contributions to the political process to settle a conflict. Their views and approaches are a pathway to a more peaceful and inclusive society.


That's why we are inviting you to come up with new ideas for technology-enabled tools, products or services that can better enable women to share their views about the settlement of conflicts. Join the Mahallae challenge for a chance to receive the support and funding you need to turn your ideas into reality. Start now by contributing an idea on this page. You can also click here to find out more about the challenge process and how ideas are selected.


Our challenge request is based on evidence.


Over the past years, UNDP in collaboration with Cypriot thinkers and researchers have collected evidence on the challenges to coexistence on the island. They have looked not only at what conditions are necessary for a political settlement, but also at what underlying social currents will make or break any settlement in the long term.


All Mahallae Innovation Challenge themes are inspired by the key findings of this research.

Stage Three | Solutions

Solutions are concepts that have been put into action. Check back regularly for updates on their development!

WoMEnpower (WE-ME) is a community platform that aims to link women mentors and mentees together.

Stage Two | Concepts

Concepts are ideas that have been refined and further developed. Everyone is invited to endorse, comment on or contribute to their favorite concepts!

WoMEnpower (WE-ME) is a community platform that aims to link women mentors and mentees together.

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