JumpStart Lab
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

JumpStart Lab is a psychical location that facilitates and provides a platform for young people with knowledge, mentorship and market access to opportunities in order to transform their ideas into sustainable/viable projects.


All over the world hacker spaces and collocation workspaces are sprouting up. It is a physical collaborative work location where creative minds get together. Do-ocracy and innovation dominate the atmosphere and great things are born.


The proposed platform involves the creation of an open space where people from different fields (e.g. programmers, graphic designers, web-designers etc) can use it for their work. The open space will provide them with free internet and working facilities which will allow them carry out their work. Through this 'co-existence' of people from different fields we expect that synergies will be created, new ideas will brew and innovative projects and enterprises will emerge. Whether it’s to work on open source community-driven projects or it’s the next big thing on the market, our idea is to provide the means of such minds getting together. So as a first pillar of our platform he wish to create a collaborative open space which will be open and free to everyone. A second milestone would be to bring in investors and create a tech startup incubator.


Besides that, JumpStart Lab will organize and facilitate a series of events and conferences which will allow youth to present and promote their ideas and start ups thus helping them to showcase their work working as a link between them and potential investors. Through these conferences, which will take place in various places, a number of projects will be chosen for a mentorship programme which will provide promising young individuals, teams or project with valuable advise, guidance in order to develop their ideas, fulfill their potential and succeed.