eLEAP - eLearning Accelerator Platform
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?


Education is considered to be a pillar for both personal and national development. The learning experience is vital throughout one’s education years. Each kind of student (from pupils to postgraduates) slowly develops its learning style based on his preferences. Especially, as a student matures understands his own type of learning and what he needs to do in order to learn easier, efficiently and comprehensively. This maturity is enhanced through the diverse technology and material that are available throughout the Web, such as simulations, blogs, videos etc. There are though students as well as educators that are not familiar with this technological support that is freely available on their hands and they often struggle to find out the most effective way to learn. In addition, due to the exponentially increase of this materials, people do not know what is best to use especially for their own style of learning and needs. Therefore based on the the assumption that individuals learn differently we are aiming to develop a platform that will cover each individual learning needs.



Project e-LEAP is a platform (and an app) where students of any age and stage can share their learning experiences in a fast manner (express) based on their preferred way to learn. People who want to find learning materials or tips can also use this platform.

Users will be able to upload and share references to existing materials but also contribute with a reasoning of why this specific resource helped them sharing their experience.



This e-LEAPlatform will not be a material/solution bank. However, it will be a sharing tool that will be based on learning styles and people’s collaboration. This means that the material will be grouped based on one’s preferred learning style. This will be succeeded by running a learning style test once while registering to the platform. This will not only help to group the materials based on the battery of different learning types but also assist the student to be able to differentiate and associate his learning methods with the material that matches his individual differences/needs and also what material to look for. What is most important with this learning styles oriented platform is that it will provide fruitful information for each individual to understand how they learn best through a sharing and collaborating way.


Further, this platform will be available to students of any age, discipline but also country oriented and especially Euro Mediterranean region/countries that have less availability to technological material during their learning. Finally, an expansion of the platform can be made in the future taking into account accessibility issues for special populations such as dyslexic people, autistic etc.