FundYourYouth (FYY)
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?



Currently we are facing one of the most tumultuous financial crisis of our time.

Funding opportunities for individuals, both within the EU and beyond, including: study, training, professional development, business and research are getting even more endangered. This phenomenon calls upon the need of searching for alternative sources of funding in order to correspond to the complex challenges of the rapidly changing, information rich and technology-based society.


Aim of the project

The overarching aim of the project is to increase youth entrepreneurship through crowdfunding as a medium to raise funds for young people. It will strengthen the synergies between different communities especially between European countries and Middle East and promote youth employability, creativity and entrepreneurship. The project should significantly increase the funds allocated for the development of young peoples’ knowledge and skills, increase their personal development and boost their job prospects; aims that also reflect Erasmus+ priorities. The idea of the online FundYourYouth platform reflects Mahallae’s challenge towards using technology-enabled tools, products or services that can support youth-led entrepreneurship.


Solution/ Innovation

Since young people of today are the entrepreneurs of the future, the Project "Fund me, I’m a Youth Entrepreneurship" with acronym FundYourYouth (FFY) is a platform that seeks to raise funds by providing opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs. The design of this innovative platform will help youth shape and implement their dreams of entrepreneurship, offering them more opportunities to earn a decent living in a diverse society.


Using the scheme of a crowdfunding platform to support youth-led entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool to leverage funds that may not otherwise have been accessible.The FFY platform will provide valuable resource for youth to startup and grow their own business or even continue their research undisturbed from the financial burden.


Young people will work to shape their common vision; that of leaving in a healthier, peaceful and inclusive society. Bringing people together through the telescope of crowdfunding will not only benefit youth but people all over the world  as they will offer to their fellowman help and support, especially people from the Euro Mediterranean region where funding is limited due to many economical, society and political reasons.

Crowdfunding is a method used to finance projects by raising funds from a large network of individuals online. It provides the amount needed to undertake valuable projects that might otherwise not have come to fruition, bringing fundraisers’ ideas into reality and providing contributors with a direct connection to the work they have helped to make happen.


Addiitonally, this initiative will provide a great opportunity to all youths to fund their research and enable new scientific discoveries that will financially improve both every society and our nation in general. Our mission as a society is to fund science that moves us forward without having as sole opportunity for funding the procedure of writing grants proposals. This is about our chance to change the future by investing on Youth entrepreneurs!