The Language Exchange Project
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

A common vision for the future can be shared by people in Cyprus, and it can be shared even wider when we can speak each other's language! Turkish, Greek, English, Arabic are a few of the languages spoken in Cyprus, but most of us are only comfortable using one or two of them.

How often do you get enthusiastic about learning a new language, but never find the time to actually learning it? This project will try to make language learning a bit easier and completely free, using technology and ...each other's expertise!


The Idea:

What better way to celebrate the multiculturalism around us than to learn from each other, and more specifically, learn to speak to each other in our native languages? Anyone interested in learning a language can engage in peer-to-peer learning sessions, where each participant will be 'exchanging' the knowledge of a language in return for learning a new one! For example, a native Turkish speaker can be paired with a native Greek speaker and both can learn the two languages from each other. The languages exchanged will be decided based on the requests from interested participants, who will be paired with their language of interest.


The Setup:

An online classroom will be created to enable long-distance learning between language pairs that don't live nearby.

Existing interactive platforms and the social media will be utilized for the dissemination and promotion of the project.

A basic curriculum will be produced by language experts so that each pair can follow an effective structure for learning.


The Technology - apps and games:

Technology will be used to boost the effectiveness of this initiative in a number of ways.

First, an online classroom will be set up to allow classes between distant learners.

Second, a mobile application will gamify language learning by turning language quizzes - based on the curriculum - into a game of multiple levels! Using this app, testing new knowledge can be fun and easily repeated, keeping the grammar and vocabulary fresh!

The quiz app will also have a vocabulary section, customized by the user's new words.

Existing platforms will be used at a later stage, for participants to blog and report in their new language!


The process:

An open call will be announced across Cyprus and the web, asking for language enthusiasts to provide: (a) their native language(s) (b) the language they want to learn (c) other languages they can understand (to find a common language for each pair) and (d) their interests (so that our pairs have similar ones!).

Pairs will be matched and they will be provided with basic training over the curriculum and the online classroom they will have access to.

Pairs will be asked, based on the curriculum, to hold four hours of teaching sessions every month.

Language experts will be available throughout the course of the program to assist the process, and to touch base with the participants on the progress of their learning.


We need you!

Are you a language expert?

A graphic designer?

A communication expert?

A technology and programming expert?

Or simply interested in exchanging a language?


Then join our group and support our project!