We Hug A Cause Crowdfunding Platform
Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

Problem: An estimated 44% of young Cypriots under 25 are unemployed and over a third of all unemployed have been looking for a job for a year. Also, in Europe 58 million (24.4%) under 25 were jobless in October 2013.


The solution: We Hug A Cause is a crowdfunding platform which offers a holistic approach for the early startups problems of how to raise money for their idea; it gives the ability to entrepreneurs, young artists, bi-communal organisations and anyone with great, innovative ideas to  raise money directly from the Crowd, to create a community around their idea, promotion of their idea, market research - all in one platform.  It combines Social Entrepreneurship with Crowdfunding in fighting Youth unemployment.


The platform is currently working in a beta version www.wehug.org but needs additional funding to be able to support more campaigns, cover marketing costs in order to expand to the Euro Meditteranean region, administration costs and expenses regarding the upgrade of the website.