Describe the problem that you want to address. How does this problem effect people in their daily lives?

As in any conflict zones, one of the main problem for the region is poverty, and not enough opportunities to earn the money. Due to this reason, skilled young people leave the region, and sometimes even the country. Elder people who continue their stay in the country have very limited pension, like: 40-50$ a month, while the cost of life is by much higher. Generally conflicts go into a collision when people have nothing to lose. When there is nothing, and every year is becoming worse and worse – they look for the way to fight, or to emigrate.

Both sides of the conflict are victims of the situation, and both suffer from not enough investments into economy, not enough places to work, and respectively low competition for good employees on the market.

One of the economic parts which could bring good money to the country is Tourism. Tourism depends on many issues, and we could structure it in three parts: What to see, where to sleep, what to do.

What to do – is a question of touristic product. For example: bicycle rent, boat rent, fishing tours, mushrooms tours, culinary tours, carpets history and production trainings, handicrafts training, windsurfing training, and others.  In Moldova, in 2014 we had about 5300 real tourists (according to national statistics), which is by much less if to compare to Cyprus (2.5 Mln), Georgia (4.2 Mln), Romania (7.8 Mln).

In order to facilitate tourism in Moldova, in 2013-2014, with UNDP and EU assistance, we have created the national chain of guest houses:, and within last year we had tourists from 19 countries of the world. But, the total amount of tourists was about 400 tourists. This year we have already had tourists from 4 countries.  This is very low. We have tried to understand why people do not use it, and the answer was the question: What to do there? Instead of sleeping, and eating – tourists want to see clearly defined offers. And here is lack of them, and the offer is very limited. there are no competition on the offers, and respectively tourists do not spread their feelings, how cool was it about to travel into a country with a conflict zone.. thus, very limited amount of tourists.

By now we have connected 61 villages, and about 261 houses. In total there is more than 2300 person/places to stay overnight in a whole country. But these resources are wasted, due to lack of the touristic offer: What to do there?

The 5300 tourists to Moldova – is results of absence of the answer what to do in Moldova. As long as this entertainment is not created in Moldova, there is no future in Tourism development in Moldova.  We are sure that this problem is not only here, but also in Georgian’s conflict zones, Cyprus, and everywhere.

Experienced “Hailatara” effect to the villages: if one person in the village have started to yearn money – the entire village know about that very quickly. After a while, other people from the village have been able to register their houses to rent out their wasted houses for tourists on daily basis. When season came, tourists were choosing houses which have good conditions like toilet and hot shower inside of house. First lady and other people who don’t have such conditions – didn’t get enough tourists. And this created tectonic movements in the village: everyone has started to make reparations inside of houses, install toilets, hot water, and keep clean and ethnic style in their garden.  No one has given them any money to do so in their garden. They have found investments themselves, (send husbands to earn money in other countries) and now there is a competition between local people. Each of them is trying to be more clean, more ethnic, better services and so on. 
We want to change the lack of possibilities, about what to do at the country side, to be changed into many competing in between offers. This might open the the gates and attract tens of thousands international tourists into the region, and make local people more happy.

Using same channels of marketing we wish to accelerate tourist flows to people, and with this we create many job positions in the country side. We are more than sure, when first 10 people will start using the system and generate incomes, other villages will try to catch the same.

Describe your proposed solution – How does your approach build on or add to more traditional ways of dealing with problem?

    When you walk on the street at the potential touristic city, you do not know who and what could offer. Using services, tourists will see in advance offers like: Renting boat, yacht, bicycles, swimming pools, gazebo with barbecue, fishing tours, culinary tours. and many others! Any local people could join the system and offer their service(s), and compete for tourists. The people who book, and make payment online have the opportunity to leave their comment after using it.  This comment can’t be deleted or edited by service owner. The transparency motivates service owners to permanently improve their services, and compete on quality. When people are motivated to have mroe tourists - they think of common peace!
 There is no stronger way to get people more kind, when they are given the equal opportunities to compete. Internet and transparrency gives everyone an access to the earnings. You shouldn't be rich to offer.

Which technologies are you planning to use and why? Please make reference to other similar uses of your proposed technology. would need to be based on a system that integrates web-based platforms with PHP, MySQL, Python, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, servlets, sending/receiving email notifications, mobile number verification. Hailatara has already the experience of working with such technologies

The smart use of technology in this regard would consist in using the web/cyberspace as a more versatile environment to collect/process/sort/direct the message traffic, integrate already existing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.,
Mobile application will use map API, which takes not only the map, but also your existing location. That helps the client to see what is around him, about interesting services. Check the reviews from other clients who really used it. It is easy to book online!
Service providers will be also secured, because everything will be in prepayment, and the money could be taken when service is offered, and client has confirmed it.