Mahallae has three main spaces. The civic mapping interactive platform will help you learn about civic engagement in Cyprus. You can use our interactive tools to make social change and share it with others. The collaborate! space lets you meet others interested in social change and work together on new initiatives.


To help you navigate all this content, we have tagged every resource, tool, project, organization and individual according to the spheres of change they contribute to and the building blocks of civic engagement they belong to. Click on the tabs below to explore content in the areas you are most interested in.


Civic engagement initiatives can encompass virtually any area of human activity and can be as rich and varied as the people involved in them.  On Mahallae, we’ve identified a number of different spheres of change that attempt to capture the diversity and range of these endeavours.


We all need to participate in decision-making processes to bring about the positive changes we want to see in our neighborhoods and communities. On Mahallae we’ve identified six building-blocks for civic engagement that all contribute to making change happen.