The CCMC Story: How Community Media is Raising Citizen Voices

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‘The CCMC Story’ details the establishment of the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) and the ideas which led to its formation. The user is guided step-by-step through the process by which community media emerged in Cyprus and its importance as a bridge between civil society and the mainstream media. The tool also illustrates ways in which civil society can acquire its own distinct voice and how collaboration has been encouraged between two entirely separate (Greek-language and Turkish-language) media networks on the island. The tool is enriched with hyperlinks, images, videos and “how-to” features. It aims to inspire others in conflict situations who may be considering launching their own community media initiatives.


The Cyprus Community Media Centre was established in 2000 to empower civil society organisations and community groups with the necessary tools to communicate their message to a wider audience. CCMC offers training, production support, equipment loan and access to a state-of-the-art production studio and strives to be inclusive, collaborative, transparent, equitable and nonpartisan.
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