Digi Wisdom for Mediators and Trainers

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In post conflict Cyprus of the 1990s, a group of individuals from both sides of the divide, with the help of academics and conflict resolution specialists, started meeting and participating in a series of seminars and trainings. As the newly trained Mediators and Conflict resolution trainers began to educate new groups of Cypriots, Cypriot civil society slowly benefited from a growing number of enthusiastic individuals with a vision for peacebuilding and reconciliation on the island. They now share their experiences and the crystallization of their wisdom in short videos. The human stories and relationships were built out of the common belief that mediation and/or conflict resolution training can truly help alleviate differences and bring forth social change. In the context of a post-conflict society, this group of activists now share their stories from their trainings, interactions with others and journeys of overcoming obstacles encountered, both internal and external.


Members of the Mediation Association and the Conflict Resolution Trainers Group were initially trained in the ‘90s in Cyprus. After being involved in a number of trainings and workshops, they became multipliers in their own communities, organizing workshops and contributing to peacebuilding and civic engagement on the island. With this platform, they aim to use technology to connect with mediators and conflict resolution trainers around the world, to create a space for people like minded people in order to share ideas and engage in dialogue.
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