Nicosia is Calling

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‘Nicosia is Calling’ is an online game geared towards children aged 8-14, but which is also suitable for adults who want to travel through time! The game uses a map of the old city of Nicosia within the Venetian walls and invites players to embark on a virtual journey and learn about the multicultural histories of Nicosia through fun and interactive digital exploration. Players discover the rich diversity of the city’s cultural heritage and are encouraged to imagine the city in the future as unified.


The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) is a group of teachers, educators and academics who are committed to the promotion of critical thinking and multi-perspectivity as the foundation stones of history teaching. AHDR aims to encourage a critical understanding of the way in which history teaching has a profound and lasting impact on both perceptions of the past and on attitudes and behaviour towards members of the ‘other’ community. To realize this aim AHDR creates educational materials and provides access to the latest developments in history teaching for teachers and students. AHDR is also building an archive of materials on certain aspects of Cypriot history.


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