Confronting Hate Speech, Behaviour and Crimes
The project aims to deal with manifestations hate speech/behaviour/crimes in Cyprus from a historical and a contemporary perspective through a mixed-method which at the same time analyses the legal framework of such manifestations and proposes amendments and policy suggestions. In order to address the problem at the earliest stage possible, we aim to build an educational tool for adolescents involving key stakeholders such as the media, youth organisations, teachers, bloggers, advocates of minority groups in a series of training sessions. The dissemination of the project will include video spots, a radio show, an awareness campaign and a conference. The project will primarily benefit the social groups which are victims of this discriminatory behaviour, i.e. Turkish Cypriots, Immigrants, LGBT’s. The project targets young adolescents aiming in the long term, at a society free from discrimination on account of race, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.
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