Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Index (SCORE)
The SCORE index is designed to assess two components of peace in society. The first of these is social cohesion which refers to the quality of coexistence between individuals within their own group and the institutions that surround them. The second component is reconciliation which refers to an on-going effort for establishing peace between groups that were previously engaged in an event of dispute or conflict. The SCORE Index is tool that can be used to a) map social cohesion and reconciliation in society, b) monitor over time the levels of these two indicators, c) assess whether social cohesion and reconciliation are linked with each other, and d) make predictions on how the levels of the two could be affected in different hypothetical situations. The mapping of these two indicators by various demographic indicators such as geographical district and gender, can provide a useful disaggregation of the levels of social cohesion and reconciliation. This break down of information according to population characteristics and geographical areas can provide international organizations, local policy makers, stakeholders, and peace practitioners with much needed information to better target their programs in order to promote social cohesion and reconciliation in areas as well as for groups of people that lag behind.
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