Building Bridges Across the Green Line

In this guidebook, Benjamin Broome explores the dynamics of intercultural communication in unofficial contacts across the Green Line in Cyprus. The book begins with an overview of efforts over the past three decades to promote cooperation across the buffer zone, with an examination of the obstacles confronted by those involved in these projects. Drawing from bi-communal workshops he has facilitated during the past decade, the author describes the images, both positive and negative, that each side holds of the other, helping the reader recognize the differences that divide the communities, while appreciating the commonalities that bind Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots together. He provides a revealing look at issues of identity, showing how they are intricately tied to the conflict that divides the communities. Practical suggestions are made for establishing trust, engaging in dialogue, and working together on joint projects. Finally, he discusses the social and psychological impact of cross-community contact and its importance in preparing for life after a settlement. Designed for anyone who wishes to understand the challenges and the promises of communication across the Green Line, it will be useful for novices and veterans alike, outside third-parties working in Cyprus, and the serious traveler who seeks to comprehend the complexity of bi-communal relations on this conflict-divided eastern Mediterranean island.
Friday, January 17, 2014